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MRI for Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer

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MRI for Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Elevated PSA levels typically lead to prostate biopsy, potentially resulting in the discovery of both low risk and high risk tumors. Prostate biopsy performed under ultrasound guidance, which has poor precision in tumor detection, can miss aggressive tumors. However, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) specifically, multiparametric MRI, is the most accurate imaging modality available for detecting high risk prostate cancer. It can be used to direct biopsy of suspicious regions in the gland as well as to determine if tumor is confined to the prostate gland or has spread beyond the margins.

Accurate identification of patients' disease risk is essential for establishing appropriate therapy options. Patients with very low risk disease can be followed by active surveillance rather than immediate definitive treatment. Aggressive tumors require radical treatment, either surgery or radiation.

At Holy Name, patients have access to the most advanced technology for diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer: non-invasive multiparametric MRI.