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Menopause-Related Sleep Problems

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Menopause is one of the most significant times in a woman's physical life. Generally, postmenopausal women are less satisfied with their sleep and as many as 61 percent report insomnia symptoms. Snoring has also been found to be more common and severe in postmenopausal women. Snoring, along with pauses or gaps in breathing, is a sign of a more serious sleep disorder: obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is believed to contribute to hypertension, heart attack and stroke.

Menopausal women are at higher risk for developing symptoms of sleep apnea compared to premenopausal women. Before menopause, levels of circulating progesterone appear to lessen the likelihood of developing apnea. After menopause, women's rates of sleep apnea are similar to those of men.

If you are postmenopausal:
  • Do you have difficulty falling asleep?
  • Do you wake up frequently throughout the night?
  • Do you feel tired and fatigued during the day?
  • Do you snore loudly at night?
  • Do you experience night sweats?
  • Do you have hypertension?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating?
  • Do you suffer from headaches?
  • Do you experience leg cramps or jerking during the night?
  • Do you experience gasping/shortness of breath during the night?
  • Do you have coronary artery disease?
  • Do you experience sleep walking/talking?
  • Do you feel anxious or depressed at times?
  • Do you experience weak spells associated with anger or laughter?
  • Do you have vivid, frightening, or violent dreams?
If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may want to consider a sleep evaluation at the Sleep Center at Holy Name Medical Center.