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Hospice Care at Villa Marie Claire

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Hospice Care at Villa Marie Claire

Holy Name Hospice Care

Hospice care is about quality of life - for patients as well as loved ones. While we cannot change the outcome, we can be sure the journey is accompanied by dignity and comfort. Studies have shown that patients in hospice care often live longer and have an improved quality of life.

At Villa Marie Claire, we specialize in ensuring patients are calm and free of discomfort and pain during this segment of their journey. Nestled in an elegant setting, they experience a sense of serenity while surrounded by loved ones.

Villa Marie Claire offers:

  • 20 patient suites, each with a private bathroom and window overlooking the gardens
  • family comfort areas with bedrooms for loved ones
  • large eat-in kitchen
  • separate kitchen for families who keep kosher
  • communal rooms with televisions, books and cozy alcoves for private conversations
  • 6,000 square-feet patio with outdoor kitchen
  • in-ground swimming pool
  • covered pavilion for outdoor activities
  • stable for therapy horses

Your donation will enable patients to experience a smooth transition in this unique and serene setting. Dr. Charles Vialotti, Medical Director of Villa, and his staff will continue devoting 24-hour personalized care that includes pain management, symptom control, emotional, psychosocial and spiritual support to every patient and their loves ones.

Giving Opportunities

Help families make the last days about living. For more information or to support Villa Marie Claire, please contact Cathleen Davey at 201-833-3187, ext. 3899, via email at: foundation@holyname.org or donate online below:

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